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Resin Beach Art

Commissions accepted.

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Funky Frogs

Handcrafted with love


Beach Stone Art Pictures

Inspired by the Cornish Coastline

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The Story of Sandune

We believe everyone has a passion.

After many years of working for other people we wanted to start our own business and began to explore many possibilities.  Then, it's absolutely true to say that over a glass of wine or two we had an idea which developed into a business and we began to find our passion.

Our Cornish Croaking Frogs were our first venture, we started to make frog doorstops, something familiar from Jills childhood.  The sewing machine came out and we experimented with different fabrics and templates and Jill eventually created the perfect size frog.  Meanwhile, Jan created our website and instagram page, and the frogs started to sell!

We believed in what we were doing, had many hiccups along the way and still are! But we are thankful for the support of our friends and family who have helped us on our way.

Our next venture was to create pictures of the Cornish coast, using the stones we've collected on much loved trips to the beach.  

As our products and business grows we are excited to continue following our passion to create beautiful gifts to share with you or someone you love.

Jan & Jill xx

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