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Dimensions 90 x 180 (21155)


This luxurious Peshtemal towel is beautufully made and designed for you by the talented and passionate 'Aeilia Anna'. It is extremely versatile, made with 100% cotton and handcrafted in Greece. 


It is light in weight, highly absorbent and quick drying, making it perfect for rolling up to pack in your suitcase, taking along to the beach or using as a luxurious sarong or a chic shawl in the day or evening.


It can be used in your bathroom for a stylish look or even thrown over your sofa or bed creating elegance and a splash of colour.  This towel is ideal for use in your yoga studio, allowing the softness of the fabric to cover your body and keep you comfortable. 


Each towel exudes a Mediterranean essence and is a high quality product that can be enjoyed both at home and at the beach.

Greek Key - Eucalyptus Beach Towel

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